Ambrose Wilter

human trademaster of goods and services


Ambrose Wilter is a human male in his 50’s. He has black hair along with a full beard, but its began showing his age through speckled silver and balding on the top. He ties it back in a short ponytail these days. He wears workman’s clothes to reflect his commoner background and sports a small beer belly.


Ambrose Wilter was raised as a commoner in Waterdeep by his parents. He wanted to be an adventurer, fighting mystical creatures and reaping treasure, however years of joining adventurers as a squire proved to him that he was not able to keep up with the rigors of the lifestyle.

He did however figure out commerce and learned to network with various merchants who worked with adventurers in buying and selling goods. He quickly realized the needs for raw materials and began his business shipping needed precious resources from city to city and building his wealth base into a thriving business. He currently resides in Waterdeep.

Ambrose Wilter

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