Robin Redhill

Halfling Paladin


Robin has brown hair and bright brown eyes. He is tall for a halfling, standing almost three and a half feet high. He was one of the Wardens of his town for several years, keeping vigilant watch on the forests and roads around his town but desires now to do the same for the larger world outside of his home town (Soldier Background – Scout). He is Proficient with: Insight (4), Intimidation (5), Perception (4), Persuasion (5) and Vehicles (land) and Gaming (dice)


“…and so it was on that day, when the hill was covered in the blood of the fallen heroes and their foes, that my great-grandfather was given the name of Redhill.” A hush fell over the room for a moment, and then Robin’s spirited cry of, “So let us drink to those valiant Defenders of the Light, wherever they may be!” rang out as the ale flowed.
Robin had told the tale so many times before that he could recite it in his sleep. His family had borne the name Redhill proudly ever since. He had felt the pull of the open road since he was a boy. For him, the open road meant freedom to travel and appreciate the good things in the present life and to dream of a bright future ahead. For him, that was what an open road should represent, a path to better things. But out there beyond the sunlit path was a dark, threatening world at times. The people, the things he cherished were worth protecting and so he set himself out to do just that. His life’s task would be to guard against the evil, sinister things that could creep along the road and destroy its promise of a bright future.

Robin Redhill

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